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Unborn Closeness
To my Unborn Child,
I will always love you as sure as sunrise. Even when my hormones drop back to livable conditions will my thoughts be filled with the closest of hugs we share, will my eyes tear up at the thought of you not connected to me. You should know all this, because the only way I can see my life is in the light of you, and this moment.
In the next few hours, something terrible is going to happen. I am going to let you go. And you, my dear sweet you, shall never be a rosy cheeked, giddy child, but instead my little angel. Your first shoes, I bought you, will be sold to Goodwill, never worn. And throughout all this there won’t be a moment where I won’t blame myself, ever wondering how you could forgive me.
But you should know, my angel, I wouldn’t have been able to give you the life you deserved. Your grandma and grandpa would have thrown us out on the street. Making you feel like a burden or maybe even wish you were never born, would have been more than I co
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100 Themes Challenge: Themes 1-5
All her life had led to this very moment.
Driving through New York, she realized that her dream was finally about to come true.
After all the long hours writing columns for the local news in her study back in Holland,
and long before that the countless exams all through 13 years of studying, this was what it all culminated to.
At the other end of traffic a publisher who had agreed to publish her first book, waited for her.
From very early on, she had wanted to write a novel about true love,
friendship and the mysterious way in which life can suddenly decide to change its course.
Like on the crossing between 14th Street and 1st Avenue,
where life suddenly decided a black sedan was running a red light into her taxi.
Jane and Eric were playing on the swing by the river.
It was a bright day in the middle of the summer holiday.
After Eric, it was Jane’s turn.
She got on the swing, and he gave her a gentle push in the back.
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Into the Blue
Meadows, a man in his mid-twenties, sat on a rock-hewn bench pondering the ranging ahead. He was going to the ancient submarine wreck to harvest more metal today, but the other ranger had still not showed up.  As he waited, he stared out into the vast blue ocean outside the dome, thinking about what ancient technology they might find today in the sunken vessel. The technology of the land dwellers from the past fascinated him. No one knew more about the peculiar disks with spinning arrows that were found in the wooden wrecks, or the multitude of glass covered metal trinkets found in the newer ships. Both were supposedly used in naval navigation, but nobody could actually get them to do anything. Personally, Meadows thought that the workings of those metals oddments had to be similar to that of bionic gills.
While staring out into the sea above, it occurred to him that time was starting to pass, and he should really head for the floodgates. He stood up from the stone bench, grabbed
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Death of an Immortal
Joe’s heart began to beat faster when he finally found the immortal’s grave. Centuries ago it had been a well-known oracle, yet now Joe had sought the Greenwood for over a week before he chanced upon the white temple. The roof that must have been blue, was covered in greenery pushing the panes into chaos. That was likely the reason Joe had had such trouble finding this place. That was usually the easiest part of his job. The harder part was getting in and out. Most graves of lords and ladies were hidden away in catacombs under great keeps with guards at every door. Over the years he had learned his trade though.
Earlier Joe had been a petty thief, stealing what he could. He had cut purses in crowds, made off with pies and fruits of merchants in the marketplace, crept into homes at night. One night he had been unfortunate and a sleepless girl, no more than 5 years old, had caught him with the cutlery in his hands. The girl had screamed, but only until his knife had cut her v
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Conlang Challenge Feb '12 part 2
Warning: This requires reading the first part
General rule
For a number (x,y) that isn't necessarily a simple expression. There is the following replacement schedule starting from the parantheses notation (x,y).
the numbers get replaced by the word for them.
3 becomes ujlime (a radical)
6 becomes Ujlimena (not a radical)
This is ommited if the number 'x' is a radical,
otherwise it becomes "t" in front of a vowel,
and "te" in front of a consonant.
This becomes "la" if the number 'y' is 0,
Otherwise it becomes "l" in front of a vowel,
and "li" in front of a consonant.
This becomes ommited if the number 'y' is 0,
Otherwise it becomes "na".
If you wanted to write 100 in Tekan you would follow these steps.
Step 1: find out how you would put 100 in the tekan system.
1+2+3+4+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14=100 so 100=11111111101111|
Step 2: write it in parantheses notation.
11111111101111|= (9,4)
Step 3: find out how you would write the numbers x and y
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Conlang Challenge Feb '12
When the men were gone hunting, the Tekan women developped culture. This culture included a method to write down how many items were in a certain jar. They did this using a carved stick, with one big cut, that represents 0, so if a jar was empty they would bind a rope to this cut. Other cuts would be used to describe other amounts of items.
For example, if a jar would contain, say like, 4 items, then they would bind a rope to the fourth cut next to the big zero cut.
From this method of numerating arised a custom to pay their respects to the dead. They would burry a carved stick with each body, with a knot on the first cut next to the big zero cut. To indicate a connection to the food they eat.
This system however is rather unefficient. So they found a way to easily add new items to a jar. They would just add a knot for the amount of new items.
For example:
Say you have a jar with 5 apples and then you add 3 more apples, then you would have one knot wound round the fifth c
:iconimaginarymda:ImaginaryMdA 0 12
No, it isn't so!
it can't be!
it's not!
Drowned in a sea of idle cries for attention and expressions of dramatics, social dynamics.
nothing more
now only silence
in dully shrill contrast
:iconimaginarymda:ImaginaryMdA 0 5
A witch's lament
Indeed yes, indeed,
The Old Dragon is freed!
Sometime this night, when the dark's most profound,
The sky will turn red, and the mountains will bleed,
And people will scream, while they're running around,
"Indeed yes, Indeed, the old dragon was freed!"
Far from the village you'll hear a faint rumble,
that grows and keeps growing, your eardrums will break,
And when it gets closer your house starts to tumble,
There's not only noise now, there's also a quake,
You notice a head, which is horribly foul,
no smooth scaly head moving subtly with grace,
but jagged and matching the permanent growl,
just big yellow eyes make it look like a face,
Then right when you think, this is not getting worse,
the beast lifts its wings and prepares to take flight,
the sky's fully vanished and just like a curse,
the air knocks you down, when it starts gaining height,
Maybe you'll suffer the whole way to death,
or maybe you're lucky left quickly behind,
or lose all awareness, when smelling its breath,
:iconimaginarymda:ImaginaryMdA 1 2
Solely Pondering
Solely Pondering
...will I write about a soul?
Why would I, because I don't have one...
Don't really need one,
because what does it do?
Dictate the heart?
Why would it do that,
I mean, help the muscle with his periodical beating?
There would be harder things to do, definitely!
Make me self-aware?
Isn't that why you have brains?
Or would that mean that the brain-dead,
don't have souls?
Do I need it to love?
I think a subject to love would work better.
Or would it create a subject to love?
In that case, a tall blond scandinavian guy please!
So I don't have a soul,
So do I also not have a heart?
I'm quite sure my pulse is steady, so I do.
So do I also not know love?
I don't know, I think I love, but how can you ever be sure?
So do I act like an animal?
I sure do! Because I am, and my mother is, and my grandmother is...
So let's not have a soul,
How nice the metaphor may sound,
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Nee, 't is niet zo!
Dat kan niet!
Mag niet!
Verdronken in een zee van loze schreeuwen om aandacht en uitdrukkingen van dramatiek, sociale dynamiek.
Niets meer
Enkel nog stil
In doffig schril contrast
:iconimaginarymda:ImaginaryMdA 0 0
Pa tekungajka - being human
pa tekungajka
shîngaj she pîrase'âng(u)wera shûwi
shâsa she tângajkasî'era shûwa
tû paj basîduwa zhûwasa zhûwi
pâ tekungâjka she 'ânga pangê pa
("^" denotes stress, and don't pronounce the "(u)")
(as if speaking esperanto)
linger on the w, like a jamaican,
aj is like the chinese word for love.
//shingaj she pirase-anguwera shuwi//
bird(s) it/they/(s)he cry/call by name-UNIVERSAL wind/"shuwi"
//shasa she tangajka-si-era shuwa//
fish(es) it/they/(s)he to_be_born-(purpose)_prep.-FUTURE jump
//tu paj (B)a-si-(D)uwa (ZH)shuwasa (ZH)shuwi//
all you/we (DEPENDENT)to_be-(purpose)_prep.-(DEP)PAST (DEP)water (DEP)wind
//pa teku-ngajka she anga pa-nge pa//
to_be earth-born_of it/they/(s)he ARCHAIC to_be-NEGATION to_be
birds always cry out to the wind.
fish will be born to jump.
Everyone says they'll go hither and thither.
Being human, is that happening?
:iconimaginarymda:ImaginaryMdA 1 7
May Conlang Challenge
M'ÈMOETLÈTLAK 'ölsev wèt
sh'uufral 'ava kch'aafeenèl
/LIVESTOCK(11) him-GEN-LOC and(1)/
/wild(+) like lion(+)/
With 11 sheep,
or wild like a lion.
In my conworld, someone who has 11 sheep is viewed as our upper-middle classe, but they didn't like anything that wasn't normal, so I think the term snob, is more acurate.
So this saying is that one (which is always male in my conworld... bastards!) who is extremely successful can't be that good with women.
...And of course there is the newest "È pop'eem..." saying:
È pop'eem lèm'ènev öls sh'uufral v'öngav
È pop'eem lèm'oenev öls laen SHAL'AAV
/(1) woman(+) mouth-LOC him-GEN wild(+) recent-past-TEMP/
/(1) woman(+) mind-LOC him-GEN soul chalaa(-)-LOC/
The woman in his speech, means he has been wild,
The woman in his mind, means his soul is with Chalaa.
Your soul is with chalaa means, that you love
:iconimaginarymda:ImaginaryMdA 0 8
need it,
not enough,
want more,
never stop,
Know the feeling?
:iconimaginarymda:ImaginaryMdA 2 0
April Conlang Challenge
MÈLT alkl'oerlèt ween öls è KCH'AANEE
UUF'ÈM lèm'ènem oelr'oeshev
lèpr'anev èltl'oer v'öngav
È 'eeroe oelr'oesh wèt olp kchish'èn
lèm'èn wèt èttnim'è 'oeltev
öls wèt 'ölseng laen
MOELR'OESH èt wèt eng
'ètèl wèt 'ètshi
MOELR'OESH n'angsa
KCHISH'OPSHILENG v'öseevèlev olp è PEE wak öls è SEEL
SHÈLT lèpr'anev alkl'oer 'eev
SHÈLT lèpr'anev olp pop'eemlètlak w'aklak öls s'öfkèlemlètlak
SHÈLT lèm'ènev öls KCH'AANEE v'ösav
wak lèm'ènev èltl'oerlètlak v'ösoev
È KCH'AANEE èl'oerev eev
/I y'all(1)-GEN and(5) him-GEN 1 kchaanee/
I am yours but most of all from Kchaanee
/uufèm(Èmuufeneen_text) mouth-person they-GEN-LOC/
/ear-LOC we-GEN recent-past-TEMP/
Uufèm, are people with mouths,
are in ou
:iconimaginarymda:ImaginaryMdA 0 25
Conlang Outline Info I
Name: Èmuufeneen
Alignment: Nominative-accusative alignment
Primary Word Order: variable: SV (O) (present) V S (O) (past) S (O) V (O) (future)
Language Type: crazily polysynthetic!
Declined?: yes
Conjugated?: no
Amount of Phonemes: 26
Basic Syllable Structure: Vl/V/(e)N/VN/eC/C/VC/le/el (N:neutrant)
Significant Sound Changes?: yes
Inflections?: yes
Cases? no
Amount of Cases: 1 (default case ^^)
Verb Categories: serious moodswings there
Pronouns?: yes, but more they're just nouns with a special meaning
Adjectives Agree with Nouns?: Rarely
Purpose of Conlang: ...failed loglang *blush*
:iconimaginarymda:ImaginaryMdA 1 8
Conlang Outline Info II
Name: Sfeneen
Alignment: Nominative-accusative alignment
Primary Word Order: Subject-'usual' indication-time indication
Language Type: Synthetic, with a tiny hint of crazy polysyntheticism
Declined?: Yes (+/0/-)
Conjugated? XD no verbs...
Amount of Phonemes: 14
Basic Syllable Structure: (C)(C)V(C)
Significant Sound Changes?: no
Inflections?: yes
Cases? yes
Amount of Cases: 3
Verb Categories: Euhm... verbs?
Pronouns?: yes
Adjectives Agree with Nouns?: no
Purpose of Conlang: naturalistic artlang-habitat for Èmuufeneen
:iconimaginarymda:ImaginaryMdA 0 2


Cell Division
I. Prophase
Mom’s heels hit the tile floor like gunshots. Dad saunters from the opposite direction. As they come into view, meeting at the kitchen doorway, they robotically move together as a single unit, as if to assure us that they are still sleeping in the same room. They split at the table. Dad sits at his place, grunts into his newspaper, and spoon-feeds cereal into his half-open mouth. He hides his forearms under the paper to cover up his goose bumps. Mom, in her unraveling, tacky, autumn sweater stops short, pausing to stare out the window. Her shoulders run perpendicular to her husband. The face on her cheeks is pulled tight enough to blend in with the October clouds and fog. She’s cold enough to melt into the glass and fade into the sky.
Nobody notices that breakfast was already on the table.
“Nice weather we’re having,” Dad lies.
I place my hand on the small of Abby’s back and shuffle her into a chair. She’s only ten, but she knows be
:iconsamshadeslayer:samshadeslayer 200 100
Harry Potter Book Cake :iconginas-cakes:ginas-cakes 2,595 712 Obama's Endorsement :iconwaterflower14:waterflower14 115 55 Fairies, Goblins and Gnomes book :iconmaylar:Maylar 2,025 235 Evolution of alien life :iconamoeba-like-thingy:Amoeba-like-thingy 136 35 Atheism is not.... :iconmoni158:moni158 1,187 1,883 Dolias :iconyangtianli:yangtianli 2,296 278 Harry Potter and the HB Prince :icondaekazu:daekazu 8,448 485
-na vave- short and glossed
inanoi a
ube posatunuku umelan
viko omeno go
so senato
tebu suja
eso unada nagoena:
ke mutoaku hal ameloi e
gesasuku hal jusoi so nusoi ise
bevesebia hal sokohoi e
so basenoi na vave.
key to abbreviations of grammatical terms
1sg......First person, singular pronoun
1sgPs....First person, singular possessive pronoun
2sgIf....Second person, singular pronoun, informal
inan-oi a (Line 1)
wonder-tense:past 1sg
ube posatu-n-uku umela-n  (Line 2)
about tomorrow-O-and 1sgPs everything-O
viko omen-o go (Line 3)
which come-tense:present after
so senat-o (Line 4)
and believe-present
tebu suja (Line 5)
during bottom
es-o unada na-goena: (Line 6)
is-present nothing Neg-important
ke mutoa-ku hal amel-oi e (Line 7)
as those(people)-and of love-past 2sgIf
gesasuku hal jus-oi so nus-oi ise (Line 8)
places-and of is(motion)-past and is(stationary)-past also
bevesebia hal sokoh-oi e (L
:iconfar-from-earth:far-from-earth 2 9
The Great Adventure :icongreensap:greensap 2,103 468 Origin Story V.2, Part 1 :iconfar-from-earth:far-from-earth 1 19 Bura hal Keagu :iconfar-from-earth:far-from-earth 4 1 Guhan Script Intro Lesson :iconfar-from-earth:far-from-earth 13 13 Year of the Rabbit :iconflakycake:flakycake 1,092 262 Unwrapped :iconsequentialscott:sequentialscott 790 155
Amber Twilight
Bleak is the light in your eyes she said.
They're no bleaker than the skies of amber red.
Cold is the feel of your skin she said.
It's no colder than the wind that blows overhead.
Hush now my dear remain left unsaid
for all I desire is to go to bed.
Grim is your disposition he said.
It's no grimmer than your lies you have misled.
Frail is the sound of your voice he said.
It's no frailer than the auburn leaves you tread.
Silence to your treachery remain left unsaid
for all I desire is to go to bed.
Scarred is your conscience they said.
It's not as scarred as the tree when the fire spread.
Lost is the state of your soul they said.
It's not as lost as the orphans shivering in dread.
All you tormenting masses remain left unsaid
for all I desire is to go to bed.
Warm is the feel of your embrace she said.
It's not as warm as your smile I cherish instead.
Heartbreaking is your spirit she said.
It's not as heartbreaking as the tears you shed.
Hush now my love all has been said
for all I desire
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 24 13



After finishing all the current aSoIaF books, I felt so inspired to write again.
So, I did!
As you might notice, I actually even finished a story.
You can check that out here: Death of an Immortal

I will try do my best to get consistent about writing, which is really all the advice of countless authors boils down to, I found.
So get ready for a wave of short stories! (Oh bother, now that I made a promise I'll probably end up breaking it.)
  • Reading: a Dance with Dragons -by George R. R. Martin


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Age: variable
Studies: Maths
Passions: Maths/conlangs

Poetry is just a way to express myself
I'm not that good at it
... (ask if you want any more info)


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